No gym? No problem! Effective ways to exercise outside the gym!

In our previous post Exercise is medicine – the importance of including exercise in your daily routine, we mentioned some of the barriers that can prevent people from incorporating exercise into their daily routine. Today you will take your first step to overcoming these barriers in the journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

One major obstacle that needs overcoming is not having access to equipment or the inconvenience of going to a gym. It can even be as simple as not being able to afford the monthly gym membership fee. Or maybe you are living through a pandemic and can’t go to a gym! But not to fear, we are here to show you that there are many ways to complete your daily exercise outside of the gym and with limited or no equipment. Let’s get started!

Bodyweight Exercises

The best thing about gym exercises is that they can also be done by anyone without any weights – bodyweight exercises. Here are some specific exercise examples:

How can I do these exercises at home?

Not only can these exercises be done without weights, but they can all be completed in the comfort of your own home!! 

If Squats are a bit too challenging, try Sit to Stands! They are a great alternative that can be completed on any seat. Although, we do recommend a seat where your knees are equal to or higher than your hips when sitting. If the seat is too low, you can place something underneath you to add some extra height!

There are alternatives to the standard Push Up if you find them too difficult. You could try them on your knees, or you can do Elevated Push Ups from your kitchen bench.

Step Ups can be completed on a step (or steps) of any height. If you don’t have any steps at home, we can create our own step. For example, we could use a small stack of  books placed against a wall for stability.

Calf Raises can be done anywhere, anytime. If they are not challenging enough, we can always do them on one leg instead! If you are having trouble balancing, try resting your hands on a bench  to give you some extra stability.

All you need is a soft surface to complete the Plank. And you can easily adjust the difficulty by increasing or reducing the time you hold it for.

As for the Lunges, there are a couple of different versions you can try. You can either complete them standing in the same spot or by taking a step forward after each lunge. If you need some assistance with balancing, rest your hands on a bench and grab onto it when needed. 

Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance bands are amazing when it comes to exercise! They are very easy to use at home, come in a variety of resistances, can be found almost anywhere and are relatively cheap compared to other forms of gym equipment. In fact, you can purchase your own resistance band from Simply Stronger. We can post to you anywhere in Australia at $5/m plus postage (contact us for more information). Here are some great exercises that you can do with a resistance band.

Did Someone Say Cardio?

When it comes to exercise, cardio is a great option. We are able to get our heart rates up, get ourselves moving and work off that big work lunch! Whether it is going for a walk or run, climbing some stairs, going for a bike ride, going for a swim, doing some boxing or even some star jumps, cardio is a very easy way to get you daily exercise dose.

In our Exercise is medicine – the importance of including exercise in your daily routine, we mentioned that it is important to accumulate approximately 150 minutes of exercise every week. Have you been able to do your 150 minutes? And if so, what do you do to exercise and how much of it is cardio? Let us know how you do your cardio in the comments below!

Incidental Exercise

The best thing about exercise is that it doesn’t have to be deliberate. Many of our daily activities are considered towards our daily exercise total. This can include hanging out the washing, doing the dishes, vacuuming the house, emptying the bins, walking to school or work, and even cooking dinner! However, it is important that we remain on our feet for these activities – it would be cheating if we counted sitting down as exercise!

How do we take this to the next level?

Although these activities are great for incidental exercise, doing the same thing everyday will result in minimal change. To create the change we want to see and achieve our personal goals, we need to push the boundaries. We can do this by modifying our activities to make them more challenging. For example, when hanging the washing you could place the basket further away from the clothesline so that you do more walking. When driving to work, the shops or to pick up the kids from school, you could park the car 500m further away to increase your daily walking. While at the shops, you could walk up or down the escalator instead of standing and being carried up or down.

There are so many different ways to adapt our incidental exercise to maximise the health benefits. Let us know in the comments below how you adapt your activities. Also, keep an eye out for a future post where we will dive into the waters of incidental exercise even further and break down more ways to get the most out of your daily activities.

Exploring Nature

Ask anyone who reguarly goes out into the wild and they will tell you how amazing it is, especially as an enjoyable way to exercise. We have already mentioned walking and bike riding as two great options for cardio, but the added benefit of these is getting outside. This is especially true if you are able to go to a local park, bike track, beach or forest. For example, I often use the Blind Creek Trail for my walks and bike rides and make my way towards Jells Park. I’ve also used the 1000 steps at Mount Dandenong and have gone for walks/hikes through the parkland of Mount Dandenong. Not only am I able to be active at locations like these, but I’m able to get out and enjoy what nature has to offer.

Of course, the locations I have mentioned are not the only great spots to exercise and enjoy nature, so let us know in the comment section below where you like to go for your dose of nature!

Community Sport

Community and recreational sport are fantastic ways of being active with your friends, as well as satisfying your competitive side! It doesn’t matter what sport you enjoy – Basketball, Footy, Golf, Badminton, Bowling, Rock Climbing, Skiing, Lawn Bowls, Swimming, the list goes on! There will always be a local sporting club or team that will be able to give you regular sporting competition. So grab some friends, get involved and have a blast playing the sport that you love!

Pets Love To Be Active!

I think it is about time that I introduce you all to Daisy! Daisy joined my family 5 years ago and we couldn’t imagine life without her now.

One thing about Daisy is that she is full of energy – she could run around all day if we had enough energy to keep up with her! Whether it is running around after a tennis ball or toy, running laps of the family room when someone arrives at the house, going for “walkies”, or playing chase with one of us, she is always full of energy and is ready to be active! But realistically, this is the same for a lot of pets (especially dogs!). Being active with your pet is not only so much fun, but is really challenging too – and it doesn’t matter what your current physical capacity is. And better yet, your pet will also receive the benefits of being active too!

All this talk of playing with pets is making me want to go run around with Daisy. I think I might go and play with her once I’ve finished typing this, and get in my daily exercise while I’m at it. Maybe it is a good opportunity for you to play with your pet too?

Family Time!

Who doesn’t love spending time with their family? I’m really hoping no one put their hand up for that question! Anyway, I’m a massive fan of having some fun with my family, especially after a long day at work or coaching.

As tempting as it may be to sit around the family room and watch TV together, this is a good opportunity to be active with each other. Even better, all of your family members will be able to get the benefits of exercise instead of just yourself – they do say sharing is caring! There are plenty of options! You could go into the backyard and play a game, like some cricket? Or you would play a fun and active board game like Twister? Maybe you could all take the family pet for a walk? Or maybe you could come up with a brand new game! In the end, it doesn’t matter what you decide to do, it’s just about being active together.

If you’re not quite sure on what to do, here are some ideas that we prepared earlier. Although it specifically talks about games for two people, they can all be modified to be played by the whole family!

Video Games - That's Right, Video Games!

Traditionally, video games are played by sitting in a chair and using a hand held controller. While the majority of games still use this method, there are a large portion of games that require you to be active. The perfect example of this is the Nintendo Wii. This console requires users to hold onto a controller with one hand and complete certain movements to play the game. For example, in oder to play a tennis game, the player would need to swing the controller like a tennis racquet to hit the ball. These types of games are a great way for anyone, but particularly kids that enjoy video games, to be active while doing what they enjoy.

Additionally, there are various board games that require movement. In particular, my sister and I played a lot of HyperDash when we were younger. In summary, it was a race to go around the house and press on ‘buttons’ the fastest. Along with the active video games, these types of board games provide a fun way to be active with friends and family – it’s a win win scenario!

Want to know more?

Keep your eyes open for more posts coming in the near future – there will be a new post every Wednesday!

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