This little piece of plastic is worth so much more than you know!

Our collection of bread tags continues to build!

A few month ago I noticed a campaign to somehow turn bread ties into wheel chairs and I have to say it had me intrigued. So I decided to look into it further.

An amazing woman Mary Hunybun, in South Africa started an organisation in 2006 with the vision of helping people with disabilities to become more mobile, whilst also helping the environment. Since then she has developed a network of over 300 collections sights across, South Africa, Australia and America collecting enough bread ties to distribute 75 wheelchairs annually.   This in itself is no small feat, as it takes 200kg of bread ties to afford a wheelchair. 

Working towards our first 1kg
Bread Tags Collected - Woohoo 100%
Kilogram 2!
Here we go again. 100%
Kilogram 3
Now we are getting somewhere! 78%

How does it work?

The bread ties are collected and sent to South Africa, where they are then sold to recyclers that turn the high grade polystyrene into items like coat hangers, seedling trays and photo frames. The money raised through this process is then used to purchase wheelchairs for those in need. 

What a wonderful concept, taking an item that would ordinarily end up in landfill and turning it into someone useful. We felt we had to get involved and after only three months have managed, through the help of our clients friends and family to have already collected 731grams. 

While 200kg may very well be an unobtainable target for a single organisation like Simply Stronger, this program is yet another reminder that from small things, even something as small is a little bread tie, big things really do grow.

As exercise professionals we are all about setting achievable realistic goals, therefore we will be setting ourselves the goal of collecting 10kg of bread ties. Watch this space for updates on our progress.

10kg Goal
Making something from nothing! 23%

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