Oxfam Trailwalker: 100km one step at a time.

I would like to start by saying a big thank you to everyone for their support in seeing Simply Stronger’s Oxfam Trail Walker team through the 100km walk. We finished the walk in an amazing 27:33hr which was a personal best for myself and very exciting. 


It was a tough challenge from the outset with one member struggling with a calf strain from about the 5km mark. We fought through and climbed over Mount Dandenong to meet our support crew in Olinda for a wonderful lunch and boy were we in need of some good food by then. Seven hours since breakfast and a mountain under us, the salad rolls really hit the spot and gave us the energy to go on. Continuing down the mountain we met up with our support crew in Lilydale, where Evan needed to retire after carrying his injury for the first half of the trail.  

Down to three we continued through the night, as it got darker, colder and disappointingly wetter. We were joined once again by our support crew with hot soup and fresh bread in Donvale. Thankfully the rain had stopped, so it was just cold now. Buoyed by the ever chatty Jack and Anthony we headed off into the night again, trying to get as many kilometres behind us before the sun came up. 


As we were heading in to the last rest point before the final stretch to the finish line the sun began to rise and with it our desire to finish. Body parts were aching, blisters continuing to grow and it seemed to only get colder. Thankfully Helen was there to meet us with fresh cooked porridge and fruit, along with blankets and she had even secured a table near some heaters. I can tell you we were very grateful.


With our bellies full we headed off for the final 12km, just as the rain started again in earnest. I have to say that by this point we didn’t really care, the finish line was in sight and a hot shower couldn’t be too far away after that. Coming into Fairfield we were greeted by what at the time seemed to be the steepest set of steps you could imagine. Our weary legs took them slowly to avoid sliding down to the finish line. We received an almighty cheer as we crossed the line. 100km done and over $5000 raised for Oxfam to aid in reducing poverty around the world, we are all very proud of our efforts. Will we do it again? Only time will tell, but the appeal is certainly there for me. 

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